Monday, May 30, 2011

3rd nanamina trunk show

We had nanamina 3rd trunk show last saturday. It was a long weekend, so I didn't expect many people come by, but some of new custom and friends come by and we had a good time together.

I met Emily and Colette last weekend at silver lake farmer's market which I go often with my family. Colette smile all the time. She is only 4 months but already very cute with Talc rabbit hair band:)

Jewelry collection from Jo Feliz. One of my friend who lives in Paris start this collection since few years. I love her sensibilities and her pieces are very easy to wear every day. There are already many fan of this brand through nanamina. Her new collection arrive here in 2 weeks. I can't wait.

Mari always help me for nanamina trunkshow and she is very talented girl. We plan to make a small collection for nanamina, I think it will be super cute.

I met Chie through Mari last month, She has a great taste her self and she is also a great hair dresser. I am so happy to meet her in L.A. Now my hair can stay in good shape:)

And the end, My neighbor came by with their new born baby. She is so small and so cute. I was very touch to see her. She got a bikini ( for in 2 years) and couple of baby cloths. I think it will be so cute on her.

I am very happy to share nanamina collection. I hope we can create a beautiful childhood for our loving children. I think so...:)

Photo by Moe Hashimoto. Thank you Moe chan.

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