Thursday, June 16, 2011

Summer in Paris No,1

Every time when I go back to Paris, I feel very familiar and comfortable, no matter how the air is bad and how Parisian can be mean ( actually they are very nice to young ladies. so I never had a problem with them)

This year is exceptional hot spring, summer in Paris, much more than cold California.

As usual, I walk around my x-area (St- Germain) and pass Monoprix ( french super market which has a great children collections) . I love Parisian's quotidien life style, get some fresh bread in the morning, buy some vege and fruits in the market etc... That makes me happy to be there. So even I left Paris, when I am there, I still do the same things as I used to do last 15 years:)

I pass SPREE at Montmartre, they carry always nice collections, I love the owner couple as well. I met 2 little parisienne who loves shopping. They were more excited than their mother in the boutique.
This is one of my favorite store, Serendipity. Kids interior store. Very inspiring. I love to make a store like this in L.A. one day...

At BonTon. They celebrate their 10 year's anniversary. Always been creative. I love their universe.
And off corse Bon Point. They decorate a summer camping car on the window. I think would be so nice to have this one in the garden.

Paris give me such a inspiration every time. This city is like a box of creative idea. I love it.

And I am very happy to share this experience with L.A. people through "nanamina"::)

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