Monday, May 30, 2011

3rd nanamina trunk show

We had nanamina 3rd trunk show last saturday. It was a long weekend, so I didn't expect many people come by, but some of new custom and friends come by and we had a good time together.

I met Emily and Colette last weekend at silver lake farmer's market which I go often with my family. Colette smile all the time. She is only 4 months but already very cute with Talc rabbit hair band:)

Jewelry collection from Jo Feliz. One of my friend who lives in Paris start this collection since few years. I love her sensibilities and her pieces are very easy to wear every day. There are already many fan of this brand through nanamina. Her new collection arrive here in 2 weeks. I can't wait.

Mari always help me for nanamina trunkshow and she is very talented girl. We plan to make a small collection for nanamina, I think it will be super cute.

I met Chie through Mari last month, She has a great taste her self and she is also a great hair dresser. I am so happy to meet her in L.A. Now my hair can stay in good shape:)

And the end, My neighbor came by with their new born baby. She is so small and so cute. I was very touch to see her. She got a bikini ( for in 2 years) and couple of baby cloths. I think it will be so cute on her.

I am very happy to share nanamina collection. I hope we can create a beautiful childhood for our loving children. I think so...:)

Photo by Moe Hashimoto. Thank you Moe chan.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Trunk show on Saturday 28th, May

nanamina boutique organize 3rd trunk show on next saturday, 28th May.

Location:4430 Gainsborough ave, Los Angeles, 90027
time: 1:00pm~6:00pm

This time I show one of my favorite item, "Overall". I know that many girl prefer dress look, but this overall create such a girly look and at same time gives kind of " grown up" feeling.

And off course there are so many great dresses for summer. Check, flower print etc...

For grown up people, I choose Pareo, Scarf, Bag . These items are made with indian cotton , design by Louis Louise. I personally likes this item because so easy to wear and great for summer vacation. I feel very much I need my own vacation very soon:))

Friday, May 20, 2011

Pink party

3 years ago, when Nadia turn to be 3, she request to make a pink birthday party for her. Yes, she was in " Pink" period at that time ( Thanks god, she is over from this period now...).

So I decide to add " Pink"ingredients to all food.

Chouquettes with chocolate cream, raspberry, blueberry. Super easy to make if your bakery has good chouquettes. I won't make myself... takes too long to prepare.
Sorts of Sangria, red wine and peach, apple.
" Charlotte" with pink biscuit.

I am glad that I didn't need to use any artificial color for this party. I like cup cake but I don't like colorful cup cake for kids. Why many parents offer that kind of chemical sweets to their own kids? They don't need it. I believe kids know what is good in natural way. And we should support for them. Good food education. This is our responsibility towards their future.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Bird hat by Talc

I love hat. Every year I 've been looking for some new hat for me in order to protect my skin ( I am not the type who like to be always under strong sunshine) . And off course I've been looking for also for my daughters.

Talc boutique in Paris has cute hat collections and every year I bought their hat for my daughters. Simple and easy, and super cute.

This year they made " Bird Hat ( Chapeaux oiseaux), hit my heart! I am very happy to have their hat collections in my boutique.

Very cute in the city.... ( Dress by Louis Louise, Cardigan by Maan, Neckless by Miaow)

Very cute in the beach...

Bird hat by Talc (Red, white) each $ 32 at nanamina boutique.

Friday, May 13, 2011

Maan Mauritius summer dress

Maan is a one of the most successful , popular belgium brand for kids. I always like their colorful and kind of nostalgic collection since they appeared in Paris Fashion world.

Their silhouette and finishing are so beautiful.

This is one of their dress collection which nanamina carry right now.

This piece could be your daughter's memorable dress...

Item: Mauritius 11 Dress orange

Size and Price:

4Y $87
6Y $ 104 ( Sold out)
8Y $104
10Y $ 124

Material: Cotton

Color: Orange, dark green

Item: Maan mauritius dress 12 citron

Size and Price:

4Y $87
6Y $ 104
8Y $104
10Y $ 124

Material: Cotton

Color: yellow, dark green

Item: Maan mauritius dress 16 citron

Size and Price:

4Y $80
6Y $ 94
8Y $94
10Y $ 110

Material: Cotton

Color: yellow, brawn, sky blue, green.

Item: Maan mauritius dress 17 indigo

Size and Price:

4Y $87
6Y $ 104
8Y $ 104
10Y $ 124

Material: Cotton

Color: Indigo blue

Wednesday, May 11, 2011


I start my new blog today.

I will write my dairy life with "nanamina". This is a private boutique in Los Feliz, Los Angeles.

We carry from new born baby to 10 years old kids size. Also some treasure for mothers:)

This place is very unique, located in the middle of green garden and while mother enjoy her shopping, your child can play outside. I create my IDEAL situation for shopping:)

Please come by and enjoy your shopping with your child.