Friday, May 20, 2011

Pink party

3 years ago, when Nadia turn to be 3, she request to make a pink birthday party for her. Yes, she was in " Pink" period at that time ( Thanks god, she is over from this period now...).

So I decide to add " Pink"ingredients to all food.

Chouquettes with chocolate cream, raspberry, blueberry. Super easy to make if your bakery has good chouquettes. I won't make myself... takes too long to prepare.
Sorts of Sangria, red wine and peach, apple.
" Charlotte" with pink biscuit.

I am glad that I didn't need to use any artificial color for this party. I like cup cake but I don't like colorful cup cake for kids. Why many parents offer that kind of chemical sweets to their own kids? They don't need it. I believe kids know what is good in natural way. And we should support for them. Good food education. This is our responsibility towards their future.

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