Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Chez nous

I usually like a beautiful visual books. About cooking, interior, garden etc...

This book " Chez Nous" talks about how we live together at home, inspiration and decoration.

There are so many inspired photos about interior decoration. I wish I could live in this way...

Tree house. Dream for any kids.

Girls tea time. I often make a homemade cake, cookies with my daughters. I want they know the pure taste from the organic ingredients. Not over sugar, not at all artificial color. Beauty is made by natural ingredients.

AND I found my daughter Nadia in this book. This shot was made for our friend " Maison de vacance" catalog. She was only 10 days... Now she is 7 years. Time pass so fast.

Monday, June 27, 2011

Trunk show with Japanese Moms

On 23th June, Many many japanese women with kids got together for nanamina trunk show.

It was organize one of my japanese girl friend Midori ( who make a fabulous diaper cake), she invite all her friend from West side, and somehow they drive together to meet at nanamina.

For all of them, it was first visit. It seems like they like nanamina collection and it was so nice to meet so many people with kids.
Home made cakes and Midori's diaper cake.

Kids enjoyed to have a face painting.
Jumping in the trampoline

Thank you so much for coming, I am so happy to share this creation and pleasure with many people.

Nanamina carry many cute girl's Bikini collection this summer. Design by Talc, April shower. Fabric is cotton, very comfortable and makes such a " Parisienne" look for girls. Must item for 2011 summer vacation and beach.

Please come to check these items.

Friday, June 17, 2011

Summer in Paris No 2

This is a doll house made by Apoline a Paris, one of a kind piece.

I love her creation, I visit her apartment in front of Jardin de Luxembourg, we were neighbor. Her apartment was also full of her creation, very tasteful.

She gave me a small bag for my daughter, this is still her favorite bag to go out.

I wish I could live in this little house.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Summer in Paris No,1

Every time when I go back to Paris, I feel very familiar and comfortable, no matter how the air is bad and how Parisian can be mean ( actually they are very nice to young ladies. so I never had a problem with them)

This year is exceptional hot spring, summer in Paris, much more than cold California.

As usual, I walk around my x-area (St- Germain) and pass Monoprix ( french super market which has a great children collections) . I love Parisian's quotidien life style, get some fresh bread in the morning, buy some vege and fruits in the market etc... That makes me happy to be there. So even I left Paris, when I am there, I still do the same things as I used to do last 15 years:)

I pass SPREE at Montmartre, they carry always nice collections, I love the owner couple as well. I met 2 little parisienne who loves shopping. They were more excited than their mother in the boutique.
This is one of my favorite store, Serendipity. Kids interior store. Very inspiring. I love to make a store like this in L.A. one day...

At BonTon. They celebrate their 10 year's anniversary. Always been creative. I love their universe.
And off corse Bon Point. They decorate a summer camping car on the window. I think would be so nice to have this one in the garden.

Paris give me such a inspiration every time. This city is like a box of creative idea. I love it.

And I am very happy to share this experience with L.A. people through "nanamina"::)