Friday, May 25, 2012

nanamina + local craft and food show


nanaminaのsummer trunk showとしてLAで活躍するクリエイターや料理人の友人達と一緒に合同展をする事になりました。

Our next trunk show will be on May 30th (Wed), 31st (Thu) from 10:00am to 3:00pm, and June 2nd (Sat) from 1:00pm to 6:00pm.
This time we like to present our summer trunk show with friends who are currently active creators and chef in Los Angels.

Seiko creates these tasteful hair accessories and necklaces.


Noriko has been an active childrens' designer in NY. This time she created a variety of beautiful bags and baby bibs.

LA couche、ダイパーケーキでおなじみのMidoriさん。今回は展示のみとなります。

Midori, a designer/owner of LA couche, known for their diaper cake.

LAカジュアルブランドのGo Gently BabyのTomomiさんは男の子のパンツや、赤ちゃんのbodyなどを特別価格で提供して頂きます。

Tomomi from Go Gently Baby in L.A. provided us boys' pants and baby sleep wear for very reasonable price.



And then, The talented chef Naoko is offering the set menu of healthy Bento cooked in Donabe for $15. There will be limited 15 each day.If you like to reserve, please contact us at

もちろんnanaminaにも夏らしいワンピースやスカート,ショートパンツなどなどたくさん入荷しています。ヨーロッパならではのリネン使いや繊細な色と柄など、この夏のマストアイテムです。Nur Galleryのラベンダークッションもかなりお勧めです。こちらは入荷と同時にあっという間に売れてしまって,残りわずかです。

Of course, we got some new arrival of summer dresses, skirts, and short pants etc... They are the must item this season with their fine linens and intricate color and design.


Please come by with your friends and family.

Looking forward to seeing you!

Date: May 30 (Wed),31 (Thu) 10:00am~3:00pm
        June 2 (Sat) 1:00pm~6:00pm

Address: 4430 Gainsborough Ave, Los Angeles, CA, 90027
( nanamina located in the back yard )

Contact: Emiko Hanawa  tel: 323-401-2426

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